My new sponsor – HollyBoo Tea Rooms!!!!! Made me laugh! :) :)

HollyBoo Tea Rooms EasTEAr Newsletter
Its been a while since the last newsletter and gentle reminder of the rules of tea club, so here we go!
Most of you are very good at coughing up your #5 per month (my laptop doesn’t do pound signs – I think David must have got it cheap!). I have put in a new sheet so we can keep track better of who has and hasn’t paid. Remember that this fund also pays for tea and coffee for the hardworking staff who do such a great job of looking after our horses in all weathers. The tea fund is not compulsory, but if you choose not to pay you might find your pony in the muddiest field (a definite incentive for me to put my hand in my pocket!) and Michelle will make you do your lessons without stirrups – oh and you will need to supply your own toilet paper.
HollyBoo enterprises has been moving in new directions with a varied degree of success. HollyBoo hacking has had a quiet time but is now back up and running. Our biggest success to date has been inducting young Stanley into our ways. Boo and Holly were very impressed and feel that Stanley has a great deal of promise.
Boo has recently attempted to restart his modelling career following his appearance on the cover of Horse magazine a couple of years ago. He did appear on Facebook advertising Re-Leve for Saracen feeds and is disappointed that they haven’t called to offer him a contract yet. He says it is probably because the pigeon living above him crapped on his mobile phone and broke it. In retaliation, Boo stood on the pigeon and broke it. His ban on keeping animals continues.
Boo and Holly were approached to do a remake of the old Gold Blend adverts. The scenario was meant to be Holly batting her eyelashes at Boo and asking to borrow some coffee. Unfortunately she fluffed her lines and asked him for some carrots instead. Boo told her to f*ck off he was eating them all himself. Holly then had a go at him for cheating on her first with Daisy and now with Lulu. All hell let loose, the ad shoot had to be cancelled and they will now be appearing on Crimewatch instead.
Finally the most exciting news from the world of HollyBoo is that they have decided to sponsor Michelle for this year’s eventing season through the provision of tea and biscuits without which she would not have the energy to compete. Orange and Lulu have helped make a sign for the side of Michelle’s lorry. As they are young and haven’t been to school yet they struggled a bit.
As soon as the bright pink paint arrives Boo will use his tail to paint it on the lorry. Holly wanted to do it too but we thought Ellen might have a heart attack! They are also having pink t-shirts printed with GOO MESHELE WILLYSUN for her supporters to wear at events.
Michelle – you are very lucky. I’ll bet William Fox Pitt will be dead jealous when he hears!
Meanwhile, please everyone carry on enjoying the drinks and biscuits (which should of course be eaten in moderation). Suggestions for new products go to Lynn, complaints go to the pigeon that Boo stomped on.
Best Wishes for a happy Easter and to Michelle for a successful season
Boo, Holly, Lynn and Ivor the dead pigeon x