Gatcombe International Horse Trials – September 2015

Intermediate 2* CIC

My Mans Mickie’s first 2. Fabulous clear x country run with a few time penalties and 1 down show jumping. Just so proud of him.

First question on the course fence 4 – Over the log down to a sneaky ditch to a skinny on an angle.


2 corners numbered separately so was able to put a circle in between  to get a much better line to the second one – just had to ride around the fence judges!

Icing a sore knee though after the cross country – Mickie landing awkwardly after a big drop, me slightly tipping too far forward and having to use my knee to get back in the saddle, and he still carries on and jumps the skinny without much help for me – clever super pony. Feeling a bit sore the day after though!

Mickie now going home for a well deserved holiday – I shall miss him.  Looking forward to next year.