West Wilts Unaffiliated ODE – September 2015

Team White Horse out in force!

Arrived at the yard at 5.30am to get everything sorted before heading off to West Wilts at 7am – taking 6 horses altogether – Luna, Spider, Fina and Dinah and MLP and Drifter for Louise.

Louise’s horses both performed well and Drifter picked up a 9th place rosette and MLP jumped well with a super clear x country.

West Wilts 102    West Wilts 074

Luna and Spider both went well in the 80cm class both young and gained from the experience. Fina flew and was placed 8th in 90cm and Dinah 5th in the 100cm class both with double clears.
Well done to Katie, April and Pandora who were all competing to.
Thank you to Amber, Cynthia and Pandora for helping and keeping everything organised and ready on time.

West Wilts 017 West Wilts 019 West Wilts 053 West Wilts 058 West Wilts 073 West Wilts 076 West Wilts 138 West Wilts 147 West Wilts 158