Benefits Of Massage

Examples of when massage can be a benefit:

  • Pre-competition – warming up muscles to enhance performance and reduce risk of injury
  • General stiffness and tension
  • Maintaining performance during the competition season
  • Schooling problems
  • Cold backed horses
  • During and post injury to maintain range of movement and evenness of muscle development

Does your horse show any of the follow signs which may indicate pain and muscular discomfort?

  • Bucking
  • Head shaking
  • High headed
  • Hollow backed
  • Lack of flexion and bend
  • Lateral stiffness
  • Difficultly with transitions
  • Reluctance to canter on one lead
  • Head tilting
  • Uneven stride length
  • Refusing jumps or knocking poles down
  • Tail swishing or carrying the tail on one side
  • Cold backed when tacking up