Schooling & rehabilitation

Retraining and schooling - 6 yr old con

Retraining and schooling – 6 yr old


Michelle is able to help with the care of your horse during recovery from injury or sickness – liaising with outside  professionals to assess and plan for your horses recovery.   She works with a calm and consistent approach using ridden or in hand exercises, or her skills as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist using massage to aid restoration of joint and muscle flexibility or simulate inactive muscles during periods of restricted exercise.

Michelle often works closely with  her colleague Lousie Holden BHSPTT to retrain horses after injury.

Schooling and re training

Michelle is able to school or  train/retrain  your horse, she is a very sympathetic rider and focuses on working the horse  in a relaxed and rhythmical way.  She particularly enjoys and works well with young horses taking time and ensuring that the basic firm foundations are in place before progressing further.

Michelle has trained horses and competed up to British Dressage advanced medium level so far.

Michelle is able to advise on injury prevention and injury management and pre season fitness programs.

Retraining - Louise riding as Michelle controls the pace

Retraining – Louise riding as Michelle controls the pace by lunging


An exercise which helps coordinate the horses body and find their balance without the weight of the rider

  • Strengthens and tones the horse’s outline
  • Improves lateral flexibility

Lunging Over Poles

  • Encourages joint flexion and stride extension,
  • helps establish balance and co-ordination
  • increasing athleticism
  •  Side-reins helps to maintain the horse’s outline and support him with a steady contact on the bit.

Pessoa Training Aid

The pessoa is a lunging aid for horses that:

  • strengthens the back
  • stretches the top line and gentle encourages the horse to work correctly.
  • Encourages the horse to come off the forehand and work through the back bring the hindquarters underneath to find balance and flexibility.
  • Encourages the horse to work rather than using force.
  • Works to free the back muscles so that the horse can use them for balance, impulsion and support for both himself and the rider’s weight.
  • maintains and builds  muscle tone


I highly recommend Michelle’s Equine rehabilitation and retraining services. I turned to Michelle for help after bad luck struck me in August. My newly acquired promising young horse became injured and I was incapacitated with a fractured hip. After extensive veterinary investigation and consultation I made the decision to use the rehabilitation services offered by Michelle. Part of my confidence in Michelle’s work came from the fact that I was aware she had spent time training with an excellent and world renowned Equine Physiotherapist who was also a former employer of mine 20 years ago!

Over the past six months Michelle and her team worked skilfully in partnership with me and my vet to change shattered dreams into a much more positive future for my 15hh five year old horse, Dougie. After initial veterinary treatment it was recommended to restart his training from the very beginning as if ‘unbroken’. Michelle began with a combination of massage to reduce his extensive muscle stiffness and specialist lunging work to improve ‘top line’ muscle strength. The lunge work became purposefully more challenging, changing progressively to meet Dougie’s needs. I enjoyed watching him regain his confidence, becoming stronger and more flexible. My vet was impressed with the exceptionally good progress made and gave the all clear to start ridden work. Very good and rapid progress continued; he demonstrated an improved desire to move forward and a much improved confident ‘way of going’. Just 2 weeks after ridden work started Michelle agreed to ride him in the Christmas percentage dressage competition. I was delighted with his attitude, positive comments from the judge and resulting first place rosette with designer cup! It certainly was a lovely start to my Christmas. However I believe the biggest achievement is that my very novice 13 year old daughter is now able to safely enjoy schooling and hacking him, this surely deserves big credit for Michelle and Dougie! Our aim is to enjoy some Pony Club activities with him later this year. My hip injury has been slower to rehabilitate although I am soon looking forward to riding him again but don’t tell my consultant! In the meantime he will continue his ongoing education with Michelle.
Very many thanks

Naomi Wright